Woman Crush Wednesday 

by Marshall Shonhai

Sep 18 2019

Eve loves the French language, she has studied it at Alliance Francaise and speaks a bit of it. She has also been a music teacher at the French school of Harare. She was also Vocal coach for 2 seasons on a competition called Sing your way to Paris...

Eve Kawadza & how crazy dreams can come true  

May 14,2015

Written By: Zimbo Jam Network

Vocalist Eve Kawadza has always wanted to perform with an orchestra, but didn't see how that would ever happen. Armed with intense desire and a strength of spirit akin to that of the Jazz greats she so adores, she set out to make it happen. In pushing to make her dream come true she managed to open musical doors, not just for herself, but also for 20 students from Peterhouse and Watershed colleges in Marondera. Having performed twice already at HIFA; in 2013 as the lead vocalist for BlaQberry Jazz and then in 2014 in her highly acclaimed ‘Eve Kawadza does Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald’ show, she wanted to do HIFA again, but with something different. She started toying with the idea of making her orchestra dream come true, along with the unlikely possibility of getting into HIFA a third year running. Towards the end of 2014, she linked up with Billy St John, musical director at Peterhouse College in Marondera, and without thinking that it would amount to anything much, ran her idea by him. He loved it immediately and committed to getting the Marondera Schools Orchestra, consisting of students from Peterhouse and Watershed, to back her. Once she had that green light, she had to get the HIFA spot. She leapt into that challenge with zeal. St John recalls Eve’s passion for the idea, “Eve actually did it all. She went to HIFA, sold them the concept. She pushed and made it happen. She really wanted to do it.” He also said that it was a wonderful experience for the children. “For the kids it’s a great experience and being at HIFA is an opportunity for them to be exposed to many things and so see other shows.” Pindile Malaba, an Upper VI student at Peterhouse who has been a violinist since she was 6, said she had loved the experience, “It’s my first time performing at HIFA. It’s been really nice and not as time consuming as I thought it would be with all the practices. I’ve really enjoyed it because as a violinist we usually do classical music that’s not very diverse. Now we’re doing jazz, which is different. We’re also playing with a singer, which we rarely do.” Samuel Whitcomb, a saxophonist of 5 years and also an Upper VI student at Peterhouse, said, tongue in cheek, that the experience had been good and bad; “It’s been really good in that I’ve enjoyed all the fun, all the progress we’ve made. It’s been lots of fun working with new people and new music. The bad part is, because I live in Marondera travelling [to Harare] for all the practices has been tiring, but it’s been worth it.” As the HIFA gates opened on May 3 for day 6 of the festival and parents and other audience members rushed to the Coca-Cola Green, the Marondera Schools Orchestra’s opening strains welcomed the crowd to the last day of HIFA 2015. This talented young group performed an energetic jazz set that included pieces from Cole Porter, Gershwin, Ella Fitzgerald, and even Michael Jackson. Their music even managed to get the early morning crowd to their feet! Then in the evening, the Eve joined them at the NMB Recital Room for their big show of the festival titled “The Affair.” Eve explained that the “affair” was the relationship she had developed with the musicians for HIFA 2015. “The Affair” also referred to the love affair Eve has developed with the jazz genre over the past few years, particularly as a result of her extensive collaboration with local composer, Filbert Marova. This “affair” was clearly on display with Eve displaying a musical maturity and depth that has developed over the years. Her command of the audience was also impressive, as she hailed their contribution to a complicated call-and-response bit in Marova’s “BP.” Eve dedicated her soaring rendition of Gershwin’s “Summertime” to her parents, who were in the front row of the audience. This was the first time they had ever seen her perform, after years of seeing her face on posters or flyers. The show’s encore - Myriam Makeba’s “Pata Pata” - was a thrilling finale to an outstanding performance, and got the NMB Recital Room crowd boogying along with Eve and her young co-performer, Peterhouse student, Chiwoneso Mvududu. We have watched Eve grow from her days when she was doing open mic sessions and was part of the band Blaqberry Jazz. We have also seen her put in the time and hard work at venues that provide an early stomping and training ground for so many Zim artists, such as the Book Café, ZGS, and Alliance Francaise. She has blossomed into a confident, charismatic artist who still has potential to go much further with her gift. How far she has come from that nervous girl who stood on stage at the Coca Cola Green in 2013 and sung her first notes for a HIFA audience.

Tribute to Ella Fitzgerald & Edith Piaf 

July 16 2014


#HIFA “Non, rien de rien…” the haunting start to Eve Kawadza’s show, a tribute to Edith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald. Eve Kawadza and her talented jazz band thrilled the packed NMB Recital Room with their soaring sounds, scat solos, and busy jazz lines providing an African interpretation of classics by Piaf and Fitzgerald. The pace picked up as Kawadza moved seamlessly into the second song, Fitzgerald’s this time, “It don’t mean a thing,” with running double bass, fast conga beats, followed by the piano and sax. The lovely Eve, with a voice to match her beautiful outfits, took us through an enjoyable set that showed not only the range of the two talented songstresses, but also the scope of Eve’s talent and her ability to give new life and joie de vivre to these songs. Having asked the band to compete with each other to echo improvised melodies, Eve gave the award to the audience for their impressively accurate response to her calls. Eve was backed by an accomplished team of musicians including Filbert Marova on piano, Othnell ‘Mangoma’ Moyo on percussion, Mats Bengtsson on sax, and Tafadzwa Marova on double bass. It was great to see so many families in the audience, supporting the arts on a Sunday afternoon, and at one particularly quiet moment in Fitzgerald’s Misty, it seemed like there was a call and response going on amongst the youngest members of the audience! A beautiful show that hit all the right notes and provided us with a relaxing unwind at the end of HIFA 2014.

The voice of Eve Kawadza 

by Financial Gazette

May 15 2014

Vocalist Eve Kawadza, is gaining prominence for her knock-out performances and her sweet, silvery voice and endlessly inventive vocal improvisations making her a unique talent. Eve has gained a reputation as a phenomenal vocalist and effortlessly transcends diverse music genres with her clear and impressive voice. As lead singer of the band, Blaqberry Music, Kawadza moves easily and seamlessly between pop music and jazz. This is a feat many of her contemporaries cannot match, as they are just one dimensional. It is part of her whole approach to life — the desire to sing and please people by her singing. Music has always been part of Kawadza, who started off by performing at musicals with the Children’s Performing Arts Workshop (Chipawo), where she got an opportunity to participate in the pan-African Umoja Festival. But it was veteran musician/producer Filbert Marova who realised her potential when Kawadza used to be a regular at platforms such as Sistaz Open Mic and Bocapa nights at the Book Cafe. “I grew up in a family where as a child music was something you could not dream to pursue as a career,” she said. She spent three years at the University of Zimbabwe ‘to keep my parents happy.’ Though she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 2009, she decided to turn professional as a musician. “It’s taken a while for my parents to understand my devotion to music. They were understandably worried for me, a girl, in showbiz and working late nights. But their support has been growing gradually. If anything, they now appreciate I was born to sing.” Her voice is now a soundtrack to many parties and functions in town. Along with her band, she is frequently booked for private corporate gigs and home parties where they play their own songs and do covers too. Two of her favourite covers are jazz standards ‘Autumn Leaves’ popularised by Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra as well as ‘Summertime’ sang into prominence by Billie Holiday and considered by Wikipedia ‘to be the most covered song in the history of recorded music.’ Blaqberry Music, with Eve Kawadza as its face and voice, is garnering attention for its fresh, cultured, mature, funky, enticing, energetic and intimately soothing approach to music. Besides Kawadza, the quartet brings together the talents of Filbert Marova, Tafadzwa Marova and Mutsawashe Gudlanga. They will be releasing their 8-track debut album, Back to Jazzics, in less than three months. Her debut HIFA appearance as a solo artist was a smashing success. The audiences could only marvel at the dynamo on stage, propelling the songs of legends Édith Piaf and Ella Fitzgerald forward with an African twist and endless creativity and impressive virtuosity. She describes the two songbirds as ‘role models’ who have ‘taught me so much about how to become a singer.’ Kawadza is keen to invent startling new ways of singing a vast spectrum of Zimbabwean music. The standards she is setting for herself are too high; yet for somebody with her musical stamina equaling or bettering them would be but a stroll in the park! newdesk@fingaz.co.zw

Intwasa Arts Festival 2016 

by Nkululeko Nkala

OCT 24 2016

"It's not every day that you see an artist like Eve Kawadza. She was part of Women Wine and Words alongside a star-studded line-up which also featured Lady T and Nkwali among others. She took to the stage like the pro she is, had us eating out of her palm. Her control of the audience is amazing. Her voice out of this world. She is the kind of artist you don't want to come before or after. She just changes the whole game. For me one of the best Intwasa moments was watching Eve Kawadza."